Auction 16
Apr 24, 2021
 Санкт-Петербург. Новгородская, 23.
Ivan Astapov, Alexander Baturin, Boris Borsch, Vasily Vatagin, Vladimir Vetrogonsky, Felix Volosenkov, Georgy Vereisky, Anatoly Zaslavsky, Aminadav Kanevsky, Yaroslav Titov, Valentin Kurdov, Julius Klever, Alexey Laptev, Robert Lotosh, Vera Nikolayukh, Vera Matyukhlov , Yuri Neprintsev, Leon Nisenbaum, Maria Orlova-Mochalova, Gela Pisareva, Nikolai Prokopenko, Alexey Reypolsky, Nikolai Reznichenko, Nikolai Tyrsa, Yuri Medvedev, Konstantin Rudakov, Vladimir Tabanin, Zurab Tsereteli, Steinberg, Pelageya Shuriga, Benita Ustyugov.
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LOT 32:

Yaroslav Titov. "The guys are saving the cattle", illustration for the magazine "Pioneer", sheet 24x28.7 cm, mixed ...

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3,000 p
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Yaroslav Titov. "The guys are saving the cattle", illustration for the magazine "Pioneer", sheet 24x28.7 cm, mixed media on paper, stamp, signed on the reverse, traces of bending of the sheet in the upper part, small puncture of the sheet in the left part (pictured), good preservation , private collection.
Yaroslav Viktorovich Titov (1906-2000). Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1997).
Studied at the Moscow Institute of Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts at the advanced training department of painters under Vasily Baksheev. Member of the association AHRR (1929-1932). In 1920-1930 he worked in the field of book graphics, made a number of covers for popular books, several headpieces for Pushkin's poem Ruslan and Lyudmila. Created a series of paintings and graphic works "Volkhov Front", including "The bridge destroyed by the Nazis in Novgorod across the river. Volkhov ", " Novgorod January 20, 1944 ", " Novgorod is ours again! ", " Malaya Vishera ", " Malaya Vishera on February 2, 1942 ", " Rumors ", " Ski detachment ", others .

USSR champion in basketball in 1935 as part of the Moscow national team and 1939 as part of Lokomotiv. The creator of the sketch of the first uniform of the "Locomotive", the first sketch of the emblem of the sports society and the football club.

The works are kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Central Museum of the Armed Forces.