Auction 9 Fashion, Vintage, Jewels and Related Books
By AW Auctions
Dec 15, 2021
3B, 1st Lyusinovsky Lane, Moscow (Sherwood Tenement Building), Russia

AW Auctions завершает 2021 год ярким аукционом: винтаж, аксессуары, ювелирные изделия, ёлочные украшения, фарфор, книги и многое другое

Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Gucci, Cartier, Tiffany&Со и другие бренды. Редкие, распроданные коллекции, яркие коллаборации. Каждый лот - настоящее произведение искусства, за которым стоит уникальная история его создания. 

Украшения для ёлки Марчелло Джори, вдохновленные ювелирными произведениями искусства Карла Фаберже, блокноты Cartier c роскошным золотым обрезом, ежедневники Hermes из мягкой телячьей кожи - идеальны для изящных новогодних подарков и записей новых планов.

Мы сделали подборку вещей, которые точно удивят: зеркала и аксессуары, созданные Маурицио Каттеланом и Пьерпаоло Феррари для итальянского бренда Seletti, оригинальные японские фигурки кокеши, изображающие известных художников и деятелей моды, лимитированная коллекция игральных карт UNO с рисунками Кита Шаринга.

Великолепие и блеск ювелирных украшений Cartier, Chopard, Carrera y Carrera, Piaget, Tiffany&Co и других, позволят сиять в новогоднюю ночь и не только.

Специально подобранные книги про ювелирное искусство и моду перенесут вас в чарующий мир роскоши!

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LOT 110:

Kokeshi Doll I Coco

Sold for: 4,200p
Start price:
3,000 p
Estimated price :
3,000p - 5,000p
Buyer's Premium: 15% More details

Kokeshi Doll I Coco

Design by Becky Kemp for Lucie kaas

Height 14 cm

The for Lucie Kaas collection includes some of the greatest legends and icons within the fashion, art, music and cultural world. The collection grows each season with the dolls making their place in the world of designer collectibles. This Kokeshi Doll is all about fashion legend Coco Chanel.

About Lucie Kaas

Lucie Kaas has an eye for understated design that draws its influence from multiple sources crossing fashion, music, art, pop culture and interiors. We collaborate selectively with designers, brands & celebrities whose identities fit our value set. We believe in the power of design to communicate, inform, and influence our decisions and want to create products that make you think.

Lucie Kaas was founded in 2010 by Esben & Ellora Rasmussen. With the duo’s different backgrounds, they believe that though physically located in Copenhagen, Lucie Kaas could be from anywhere in the world.

About Becky Kemp

Becky Kemp is an English artist based in South London. From a young age, Becky has been illustrating her daily impulses in a sketchbook. Born into a creative family, Becky always knew that she wanted to create and design.

She studied Fine Art Paining for three years and also worked as an art teacher before deciding to concentrate full-time on her own work. In 2011, she opened – a creative studio from where she designed and sold all of her creations. Since then, her designs have gained huge popularity worldwide and are now represented in more than 30 different countries.

Her work is inspired by a love for Nordic design and Japanese illustration. Becky has an uncanny talent for communicating with precision while still maintaining a humoristic and creative impression - a key combination that has lead to her success and cult following.