Auction 27 Israeli Contemporary Art - Young promising artists for invest
Jul 10, 2021
Ramat Gan, Israel

Auction no. 27 of KooKoo with an Israeli summer mark

We have curated an auction for you that is like an exhibition of several artists that you must know and include in the collection:

We will introduce you to the artist Guy Levy, who this year won the Ministry of Culture and Sports' "The Promising Young Artist" award and is 33 years old with 6 oil works on canvas and 4 oil works on paper - crazy Mediterranean-style paintings

Julie Filipenko, the Israeli-international artist who breaks her ceiling every year with 4 rare original works for collectors from the years 2012-2013

Opel Poran iron sculpture works to upgrade the modern atmosphere indoors or outdoors

Kookoo has provided you with a number of other amazing works in the beauty of Katia Lifshin, the young and very promising artist, a last chance for your own Katia at home before her prices rise due to her exclusive signing

Realistic sea paintings by the amazing and perfectionist Hila Cohen that will cool the hot summer days

We will introduce you to Shahar Sivan and his great work, a fine and fascinating wild Haifa artist, as well as his works

And another selection of carefully selected works for your collection and the soul

KooKoo takes care of you for the best

We will make deliveries with a courier for only NIS 39

Please text to any request 0558859447 (Lisa)

Enjoy and good luck

(As always - prices include VAT and no VAT added)

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The auction has ended

LOT 30:

''Please Dont'' 2019

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Start price:
$ 300
Estimated price:
$350 - $450
Buyer's Premium: 15%
VAT: 17% On commission only
Users from foreign countries may be exempted from tax payments, according to the relevant tax regulations

''Please Dont'' 2019

Work on boundaries

Ink on paper and parchment

18/18 cm (23/23 cm framed)

Arbel Steiner is a HOLY ERA, a 27-year-old esteemed graffiti artist who creates sensitive works of enormous dimensions in the environmental space. Arbel made it a habit not to stay in the same place for too long, taking care to travel and do residencies in different places in the world.
'' I come from a humane place, and I identify. If the works relate to political things, it's because that's the reality I live in. Of course there are works that pass criticism, but it always starts from the personal place ''
After 3 years of studying art at Bezalel, the artist retired from her studies and set out on her own. "It was very difficult in Jerusalem: stabbings, car bombings, it was intense for me. I financed my studies on my own, so there was pressure from this place as well. I started to feel that I was not developing, just surviving, it felt worth releasing. "
Arbel makes a living from her art, and tattoos with great grace and professionalism does not compromise her original illustrations on a human body.
'' The studio I tattoo in is my sister's, which spurred me to get into it. I did not have any special attraction to tattoos, I came open and fell in love with it completely. It flowed naturally and in complete surprise. "Meeting people is something that is new to me, because my way is so solo."

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