Auction 29 Israeli Contemporary Art - Young promising artists for investment
By KooKoo
Dec 25, 2021
Ramat Gan, Israel

KooKoo's end-of-year sale with an emphasis on contemporary Israeli realism:

Winner of the Schiff Award for 2020 Israel Dror Hemed with two oil paintings,

Zoya Cherkassky and Bazooka Joe with two powerful works on Jewish identity and customs,

Julie Filipenko presents "Pygmaliona",

Mor Rimmer paints unique works in oil on wood,

We will introduce you to Assaf Ezra and the puppet drawings in the atmosphere of the 1950s,

Guy Levy with Mediterranean oil paintings,

Notice the cool collages of the Tzlil Benderhaim, KooKoo presents the series "Gender Reversal" that corresponds with the great masters of art - fascinating and important

Israeli realism artists participating in this sale: Eran Weber, Roni Yoffe, Rita Natarova, Doron Wolf, Orit Akta, Gala Gilan, Israel Dror Hemed, Hanan Milner.

KooKoo takes care for the best

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Enjoy and good luck

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LOT 2:

Naomi Shalev
"Victory" 2020

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Sold for: $110
Start price:
$ 100
Estimated price :
$300 - $400
Buyer's Premium: 15%
VAT: 17% On commission only
Users from foreign countries may be exempted from tax payments, according to the relevant tax regulations

"Victory" 2020
Collage made of newspapers - framed 
20/20 cm

Meet the best collage artist in the Land of Israel - meet Naomi Shalev
Naomi Shalev, born in Ukraine (1976) is an Israeli artist known for her complex collages.
Naomi lives and works in Yokneam Illit. In her works, Naomi tells her personal story.

Naomi describes her excellent work:
'' I create collages from newspaper clippings from the late 1990s.
My affair with collages began with pornographic magazines. Many years ago, a friend gave me a collection of his Playboy and Hustler magazines - which he no longer needed. I also did not know exactly what to do with that pile ...
I started cutting out pictures and putting them together in funny compositions. I had no better idea at the time. Later I was looking for ways to make larger compositions - I have always loved oversized projects. This is how the technique I work with to this day was born - the use of tears on newspaper pages instead of a brush and paints: painting with newspapers ''.
'' One of the basic elements in my work is suffering. Like any human being, I too have so many unfulfilled desires that will never be expressed, that cause intense mental suffering! This is the statistic - raw material from which, just like pieces of old magazines, I am putting together a new reality - private, much richer and more satisfying than the one I am imprisoned in here, in my physical body. A reality in which I have complete control over how things will look, proceed and develop - something I so miss in the "real" world! "
'' In my works there is always a narrative - a story that is the real reason for the work. A portrait is just a medium through which the story is told. It is true that most of the stories I tell are very personal and even intimate, but at the same time I want to believe that an attentive viewer will be able to "read" them even without knowing me and my life details.
The line between being clear enough to arouse interest and being too verbal is thin and dangerous. But that's exactly what interests me as an artist - to create a readable and recognizable personal symbolic world, but also one that leaves enough room for personal interpretation. "

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