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Halachic Responsum Handwritten and Signed by the Kabbalist Hassid Rabbi Yonah Navon Author of "Nechpa Ba'Kesef" ...

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Halachic Responsum Handwritten and Signed by the Kabbalist Hassid Rabbi Yonah Navon Author of "Nechpa Ba'Kesef", the Chida's Rabbi
A responsum is regarding allowing an Agunah to remarry according the testimony of an unreliable witness.
The question is written at the end of the response. The beginning of the responsum is missing. Before us is the end of the responsum. At the end of the responsum, the Rabbi writes: "and God will save us from mistakes and will illuminate our eyes to refer to the truth of the Torah , these are the words of the submissive slave to all that know law and judgment who thirstily drinks their words …Yonah Navon S.T"
The question was sent to Rabbi Yonah Navpn by the members of a Beit Din, as is hinted by it; the responsum however was sent to prominent rabbis, since he writes to them as a disciple before his rabbi: "submissive slave … who thirstily drinks their words". It is possible that the responsum was written during the Rabbi's youth.

The Kabbalist Rabbi Yonah Navon (1713-1760) was born in Jerusalem. He was the rabbi of two great Torah scholars: Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai, the Chida, and Rabbi Yom Tov Algazi.
He studied at the "Or Ha'Chaim" Yeshiva of Jerusalem that was founded by Rabbi Chaim Ben Atar and since 1746, headed the yeshiva. His disciple, the Chida, wrote of him: "Chassida Kadisha the Divine kabbalist head of yeshiva and Av Beit Din my teacher the true rabbi".
Several of his compositions, which were referred to by the Chida in his eulogy for him, have not been printed.

To the best of our knowledge, the Divrei Torah before us have never been printed.
2 leaves, 3 pp. approximately 33 lines on every page. 19x23 cm.
Condition: Good-Fair. Flaws. Tears, moth holes (some of them restored). Everything is readable and decipherable.

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