Auction 4 Young and Contemporary Israeli Art
Nov 25, 2017 (Your local time)

Contemporary young Israeli art straight from the artist studio 

Original pieces in Low starting bids so you can enter Israeli art home 

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LOT 21:

Sharon Webber - zvik ''Genius'' 2017

Start price:
$ 200
Estimated price:
$350 - $450
Auction house commission: 15%
VAT: On commission only

Sketch on tear-up book papers 
Framed in a box wood frame 
29/23 cm 
Signed front 
I create from the most emotional and personal place,
when words becomes a limited tool. I hope simply to
examine myself, to look at my thoughts on a more
plastic and perceptible way. Usually, I plan to create a
single work but like tears they come one after the
other, until relief.
I don’t think about it, or plan my technique - I simply
cave in to all thoughts and ideas, deciding by feeling
what will serve the idea best. I do not have the best
technique and I am not an accurate artist, I
acknowledge that. Sometimes it can be a helpful fact,
but most of the times it makes me feel like I could be
better. I could create it in a better way. Most of the
time I simply appreciate the opportunity to express