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Nov 29, 2017
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LOT 435:

Collection of works by the GR"A of Vilna and books about him

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$300 - $600
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Collection of works by the GR"A of Vilna and books about him

Collection of thirteen works by the Gaon of Vilna and stories about him, including only and rare editions.

Toldot Adam - biography of the Gaon of Vilna. Vilna, 1928.

Mishle with the elucidation of the famed chassid...Eliyahu of Vilna printed by R' Ei Landa, grandson of the GR"A of Vilna. Jerusalem, 1928.

* Tractate Avot with the elucidation of the true chassid Rabbeinu Eliyahu of Vilna along with the Ruach Chaim commentary by Rabbeinu Chaim of Volozhin, published by Eliyahu bhr"a Landau, grandson of the GR"A. Jerusalem, 1903. Not bound.

Machshavot B'Eitza, section two, Jerusalem 1909, bound with Yalkut Ms' Hadrat Kodesh by Rabbeinu HaGR"A.

Ma'ase Rav, with the Peulot Sachir supplements, Hagahot HaRasha"sh, Seder Kihilchato and more. Vilna, 1888.

Megillat Rut with the commentary of ...Maran Eliyahu of Vilna, with compilations in "nigla and nistar" by the GRA, edited by R' Eliyahu Elazar Landau, grandson of the GRA. Jerusalem, 1930. Chaim HaLevi Zukerman press. Tears with loss on the title page.

* Lachkor Biurei HaGRA L'Yerushalmi U'Litosefta Seder Zeraim by Kalman Kahana, Tel Aviv, 1957.

Biur HaGRA on Jonah. Without name of publisher or printer. First decade of the 1900s.

* Maalot HaTorah with great praise and virtue of Torah study and its studiers, collected by Admor Avraham of Vilna, brother of the GRA of Vilna with the Alim L'Terufa. Munkacs, 1894.

Nachal Eden. Novellae and elucidations on various subjects of the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud and the words of Rishonim and the GRA by Rabbi Refael Shimshon Gordon of Moletai. Vilna, 1898.

* Sha'ar Kriyat HaTorah with the commentary of the GRA and other poskim by Rabbi Dovid Krasik, published by Yaakov bh"r Eliyahu Landau, grandson of the GRA of Vilna, 1955.

Divrei Eliyahu including Amarot Tehorot, novellae and elucidations quoted in other works in the name of Rabbi Eliyahu Gaon and Chassid of Vilna, by Hry"l Ferfel and Hra"d Bloch hy"d published by Tal Talpiot, Jerusalem, 1948 - upon the 150th anniversary of his death.

Kol Eliyahu with nice, valuable elucidations, wonderful sweet novellae issued by his holy mouth...marana v'rabbana Eliyahu of Vilna, collected and compiled from a few hundred, uncommon old works and from ancient manuscripts, compiled by Rabbi Chanoch Henoch Erzon. Jerusalem, 1948.

Varying sizes and conditins. Three books have been bound in new cardboard bindings.