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Nov 29, 2017
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LOT 455:

Handwritten Leaves from Talks Given by the Admor the "Beit Yisrael" of Gur 1974

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Handwritten Leaves from Talks Given by the Admor the "Beit Yisrael" of Gur 1974

Handwritten leaves from talks given by the Admor the "Beit Yisrael" of Gur.  Torah thoughts he said at the "B'Haalotcha" dinner - the 18th of Sivan, 5734 [1974].

Torah thoughts heard from the Admor written by his student. Among other things, the Admor tells about a student of the Baal Shem Tov, Rabbi Ber [or Rabbi Elimelech], who finished his prayers quickly after the students left because they were weak, and the students wondered why he did not take as long as usual, and he explained that all the strength he has in the service of G-d comes from the strength of his students, and when they are not around, his own strength weakens, according to this, he explains the verse "Stand and I will hear what G-d will command you," words in the name of the Admor of Kotzk on the issue of 'you toiled and did not achieve, do not believe,' an explanation of the midrash 'Aharon is close and Moshe a stanger,' words in the name of the Sfat Emet in booklets, and words in his name about education and raising children even at a price he cannot provide being preferable, words in the name of Rabbi Meir Yechiel of Ostrova that all the ways of the world are an inheritance from Adam, and other matters.

Rabbi Yisrael Alter [1895-1977] The fifth Admor of Gur, known by the name of his book, Beit Yisrael. Appointed Admor in 1948, after the passing of his father. Gathered around him the chassidim of Gur who were in the Land of Israel before the world war, and Holocaust survivors. Also served as chairman of the Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah.

Fluently written and easily read.

[4] paper leaves written on one side. Filing holes.

Very fine condition.


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