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Nov 29, 2017
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LOT 465:

A Letter from Rabbi Yoel Wolf Glatstein. Helmetz, 1908

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A Letter from Rabbi Yoel Wolf Glatstein. Helmetz, 1908

A letter of Torah novaelle in the handwriting and with the signature of Rabbi Yoel Wolf Glottstein Av Beit Din of Helmetz. Helmetz, 1908. 

A halachic responsum regarding one who washed his hands to eat and then changed his mind and did not eat. He discusses the words of the Ritva in tractate Chulin, the Pitchei Teshuva and the Chatam Sofer. 

Rabbi Yoel Wolf son of Rabbi Shimon Glottstein [1872-1944] Rabbi and Av Beit Din of Helmetz and Rabbi of dozens of villages and towns in the Badrag region [between 1903-1944]. The foremost disciple of the author of Nata Shorek. He was famous as a great Torah scholar, darshan and pious man, and the foremost Rabbis of the generation sent him various questions on the topics of Issur V'Heter. His books are full of his wonderful novaelle and comments. Most of his writings were lost in the Holocaust. The remnants of his teachings were gathered by his students and published in the book Nachalat Yoel Zev (Brooklyn, 1987-1990). In the introduction to the book his student, Rabbi Shlomo Dov Otsreicher, chairman of the Helmetz Society writes: "The writings of our teacher miraculously survived... and were in my possession for eons. Meanwhile, several great Rabbis who knew and heard our teacher's great name said that as we managed to save our teacher's manuscripts from oblivion, it is a sign from Heaven that we, who are from the city of Helmetz and are also students of our teacher, have the obligation to publish his Torah novaelle, and this should be in his memory". He was murdered in Auschwitz together with his family and community on May 29, 1944. 

For more information refer to end of the book Taharat Yom Tov on Mikvaot, chapter five, 1987 by the Rebbe of Helmetz, Rabbi Chananya Yom Tov Lipa  Deutsch, letters from Rabbis in praise of Rabbi Yoel Wolf Glottstein and his teachings. 

[1] leaf. Paper. 20x16 cm. 

Folding marks, filing holes, slight wear on the edges of the leaf. Fine condition. 

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