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LOT 473:

Packet of letters from Maharsham HaKohen Hollander

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Packet of letters from Maharsham HaKohen Hollander

Three letters from Rabbi Shmuel Meir HaKohen Hollander. The letters were sent to the Admor of Erloi, Rabbi Yochanan Sofer.

* 4 leaves written and signed by Rabbi Hollander, regarding agaddot and mussar on various subjects including novellae on gemara Berachos 7. In the margins, the Maharsham asks the Admor of Erloi to read through his ideas and publish them with corrections to the language or content that he thinks necessary. [4] leaves. 21x33 cm.

* Letter written and signed by Rabbi Hollander in 1960 regarding printing Hebrew works. [1] letterhead. 18x24 cm.

* Letter written and signed by Rabbi Hollander regarding "isser and heter" and guidelines for situations when one should rely on doctors. [1] leaf. 21x32 cm.

Rabbi Shmuel HaKohen Hollander [1889-1965] was the son of Rabbi Nosson Dovid av"d Mszana Dolna and son-in-law of  Admor Shalom Hager of Storozhynets. In 1913, he started serving as rav"d and moreh tzedek in Czernowitz. After the Holocaust, he immigrated to Israel where he served as rabbi of the Neveh Zedek neighborhood and Kehal Chassidim in Tel Aviv. He was one of the leading rabbis in Israel at the time. He corresponded regarding halacha and chassidut with the leading Torah scholars of his generation. He was close to the Rebbe of Tchebin, Rabbi Aharon of Belz and the Chazon Ish (refer to Peer HaDor, 4, p. 181: photo of the Chazon Ish's response to him). He was a disciple of Rabbi Shlomo of Bobov and close to the Admors of Belz, Ruzhin, Vishnitz and Sanz. His novellae were printed in the Shem HaKohen, responsa and homilies, and Maharsham HaKohen on the Torah and many essays. Many of his Torah thoughts were printed in the Migidolei HaTorah V'Chassidut series and other works.

Varying sizes and conditions. Overall very fine condition. 


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