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LOT 052: Tikun Eruvin:

First edition. Cracow 1888.
תיקון עירובין. מהדורה ראשונה. קראקא תרמ”ח (1888).

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Authored by R. Chaim Aryeh Leibish Horowitz regarding the Eruv in Cracow. The establishment of Eruvin in large cities is a matter of great Halachic contention, particularly when relying on bridges and railroads etc., hence much of the Halachic discussion in this sefer remains pertinent today.
R. Chaim Aryeh Leibish Horowitz (1850-1905) was a son of R. Shaul Horowitz (Besamim Rosh). Known as outstanding Talmid Chochom he served as Rav in Zolkiew and in 1890 was appointed to the distinguished position as Av Bais Din of Cracow. He was one of the most influential rabbinical leaders of his era, active in most of the communal issues of his time.
Published by the kehilla of Cracow.
Fischer press. 3, 32, 1 pages. 22 cm. Good condition, some wear. Modern binding.
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