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06/03/2018 at Legacy Judaica

The R. David Bornstein (Socatchover Rebbe) Copy.
Commentary on Hilchos Gittin by R. Moshe Ibn Chaviv.
Although the title page states Sodilkov as the city of publication, R. Chaim Rappaport writes in his approbation that the publisher is R. Chananya Lipa Schapiro of Slavitta, indicating that the sefer was in fact published by the Schapiro family in Slavitta.
With library stamps of R. David Bornstein of Socatchov. R. David Bornstein of Socatchov (1878-1943) was the son and successor of R. Shmuel of Socatchov (Shem M’Shmuel) and the grandson of R. Avraham of Socatchov (Avnei Nezer). Known as a brilliant Talmid Chochom, in addition to his position as Rebbe, he led a network of Yeshivos in Poland called Bais Avraham. He authored the sefer Chasdei Dovid.
Vinograd Sodilkov 202. Witzenfeld Press. 2, 74, 34 pages. 37 cm. Good condition. Tape restoration to the title page and final page. Modern binding.
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