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LOT 067:Ha‘Derech/Belz:

Budapest 1944.
הדרך / בעלזא. בודפשט תש”ד 1944

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06/03/2018 at Legacy Judaica

Rare transcript of the Bilgoraj Rav’s famous speech.
After miraculously escaping the Bochnia ghetto, the saintly Belzer Rav and his brother, R. Mordechai of Bilgoraj arrived in Budapest, where they stayed from Iyar 1943 until Teves 1944. Their miraculous escape from the inferno was welcomed with relief by worldwide Jewry and particularly by the Jews of Hungary who were comforted by having the Tsaddik in their midst in those turbulent times. As such, there was considerable anxiety when the plans for the Rebbe to leave to Erets Yisroel became known. Prior to the Rebbe’s departure, the Bilgoraj Rav who was renowned as a distinguished Talmid Chochom as well as an outstanding orator, delivered a passionate farewell speech. In his speech he related some of the atrocities of the Holocaust, occurring in Poland and Galicia, and the urgent need to assist refugees from those countries. Further in the speech, the Bilgoraj Rav said that the Rebbe’s journey to Palestine was temporary and he intended to return.
Eizler Press. 2, 28, 1 page. 20cm. Good/Fair condition. Original wraps, some damage to first wrap affecting text.
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