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By Moreshet

Thursday, 24.5.18 , King George 43, Jerusalem
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LOT 049:

Set of Chumash, handsome edition—Vilna 1911.

Start price:
$ 200
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only
24/05/2018 at Moreshet

Five volumes, with Onkelus’s translation and Sifrei. Commentaries: Rashi, SifteiKhachamim, the Ba’alHaTurim, and the Malbim. Handsome edition with leather binding and inscriptions in gold. On the rear binding is an inscription of the name “AharonLeib Wasserman,” and on the first page is the inscription: “this chumash was owned by the groom Yitzhak bar NoachPolonovsky.” Vayikra has two covers, one colorful. Printed by the widow and brothers Ram, Vilna 1911. 23cm. Generally good condition.