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By Moreshet

Thursday, 24.5.18 , King George 43, Jerusalem
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LOT 061:

Basel Tanach, 1618-1619, 5 volumes. Includes a volume of Haftarot. Extremely rare, handsome copy.

Sold for: $2,400
Start price:
$ 1,500
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only
24/05/2018 at Moreshet

Mikraot Gedolot, Torah/Neviim/Ketuvim with mesorah gedolah and more. Printed by Ludwig Koenig. Includes a volume of Haftarot with Radak’s commentary, Ashkenaz/Sfardi/local customs. [6], 228; [1], 234-441; [1], 442-705; 707-946; 7, [1]; 67 page, 67. [2]. 38cm. 5 covers. The recording in the Mifal Bibliography writes “there are few copies that include the additional volume of Haftarot together with Radak’s commentary. This section was printed on its own for synagogues. New handsome leather bindings. Covers and pages are professionally repaired with no damage to text. Stains over time. Generally good condition.