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Thursday, 24.5.18 , King George 43, Jerusalem
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LOT 063:

“Ot Emet” Prague 1624. Signature of the Rav Yosef bar Mordechai Ishiyo. Rare

Start price:
$ 800
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only
24/05/2018 at Moreshet

Glosses and corrections of mistakes from Mechilta, Safra, Sifrei, Midrash Raba, and Tanhuma, midrash shmuel, midrash tehilim, midrash mishlei, and Yalkut Torah. Seder Kedusha, glosses on the prayers of the sefardim with a number of melodies, by HaRav Meir Benvenisti. Second edition (the first was published in Salonika, 1565). 70 [95 90] page. (Winograd Prague 310). Rare. On the title page is the signature of the Gaon RAv Yosef bar Mordechai Ishiyo, son of the Hagid Mordechai, he wrote an introduction to the book. Ok to good condition, nice title page with an architectural motif, a number of damaged pages in the margins, often with damage to letters. Binding is loose.