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LOT 40:

Construction Plans for the GR"A Synagogue in the Shaarei Chessed Neighborhood and Additional Documents ...

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Construction Plans for the GR"A Synagogue in the Shaarei Chessed Neighborhood and Additional Documents Connected to the Conduct of the Synagogue

File with original architectural drawings of the GR"A synagogue in Shaarei Chessed neighborhood in Jerusalem. Eight sketches in various sizes of the interior and exterior of the GR"A synagogue's two floors. The drawings before us were planned in 1935 [dated in the accompanying documents] with the second-floor addition to the synagogue. There are sketches of various angles of the facade of the building, and the various entrances in the area of the synagogue. On some of the sketches, there are handwritten inscriptions and comments. There are additional documents pertaining to the permits for building the synagogue, an account-booklet for the neighborhood for the years 1933-4, [Salomon Press] with tables of income and expenses, and more in the file. Drawings in various sizes: 46x34 cm. and 40x33 cm. and 46x25cm.

* Printed leaflet 'Ballot for elections of the gabbaim for the the Beit Midrash HaGadol HaGR"A in the Shaarei Chessed neighborhood, Kislev 1944. The leaflet lists names for the GR"A synagogue members to choose from to serve as gabbaim and council members for the synagogue. The synagogue members were to choose seven names from the list to serve in their roles for two years. The names include some of the glorious figures of old Shaarei Chessed, including Rabbi David Baharan, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Ruchamkin, Rabbi Charlap, Rabbi Avraham David Rosenthal, Rabbi Uri Shraga Auerbach, Rabbi Yonah Mertzbach, Rabbi Yaakov Salant and additional rabbis. 34x22 cm. Tear in the top and bottom with slight damage to text.

The GR"A synagogue in the Shaarei Chessed neighborhood of Jerusalem was established in the second decade of the 20th century by the Jerusalem kabbalist Rabbi Ephraim Shmuel Paperman. He solicited donations from the Prushim (who followed the customs of the Vilna Gaon) residents of the neighborhood for the purpose of the synagogue's construction. At the beginning of its construction, it was one floor. In the 30s, a second floor was added [according to the plans before us].

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