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AVIATION PIONEERS: An excellent selection of postcard photographs and A.Ls.S., by six French pioneer...

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AVIATION PIONEERS: An excellent selection of postcard photographs and A.Ls.S., by six French pioneer Aviators, all dead in their aeroplanes at very early ages, comprising RenŽ Bedel (1886-1912) Dead at the early age of 25 when his aeroplane crashed. Signed and inscribed postcard photograph `RenŽ Bedel«, Angers, 17th June 1912, on the occasion of the Anjou June 1912 contest won by Rolland Garros; RenŽ Cheveau (1891-1914) Dead at the age of 23 on board. Signed postcard photograph, `R. Cheveau«, 29th July 1911, the image showing Beaumont«s arrival to Vincennes; Maurice Guillaux (1883-1917) First to perform an air mail and air freight flight from Melbourne to Sydney. Killed in the crash of a new aircraft he was testing. Signed postcard photograph, `Guillaux«, the image showing a Clement Bayard airplane with his aeroplane; Albert Mezergues (1886-1925) Dead as a result of the injuries suffered when commanding the 37th aviation regiment in Morocco. A.L.S., three pages, 8vo, GabŽs, Tunisia, in French. Mezergues commands a Breguet squadron and states `I will be able to work and spend my time after war in the colonial aviationÉ I do not miss France..« Accompanied by a tricolor ribbon apparently signed by Mezergues to the white part; Charles Nieuport (1878-1913) Aviator and airplane manufacturer. Dead on board of one of his manufactured airplanes named after him. A.L.S., one page, 8vo, in French. Nieuport states in part `..the Greeks have not signed the armistice, and have made a proposal to Turks..«; Gaston OlivŽrs (1890-1912) death at the very early age of 22. Signed postcard, Mourmelon-le-Grand, 2nd June 1912, only a month before passing away. Also including several contemporary unsigned postcard photographs related to the pioneer aviators. VG, 6 £200-300 Provenance Emile Lasalle collection. Author of the work `Les 100 premiers aviateurs brevetŽs au monde et la naissance de l'aviation.« (''The first 100 worldwide entitled Aviators and the birth of Aviation''). A contemporary colleague of many aviators, disabled and much appreciated, author of several aviators biographies.