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AVIATION PIONEERS: An excellent selection of signed postcard photographs, and signed cards, by six p...

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AVIATION PIONEERS: An excellent selection of signed postcard photographs, and signed cards, by six pioneer Aviators, all dead in their aeroplanes at very early ages, comprising Henry Dumas (1885-1915) Died at the age of 30 during the Dardanelles battle. Signed postcard photograph, `Henry Dumas«, 5th July 1911; Gabriel Garnier (1880-1913) Dead when his airplane crashed when landing. Signed postcard photograph, `Gabriel Garnier«, 18th April 1913, the image depicting Garnier on board a Borel monoplane; Abel Grazzioli (1882-1915) A French hero of the civil aviation, dead when testing a Vend™me prototype for the army. Signed postcard photograph `Grazzioli«, the image depicting a BlŽriot airplane; Silvio Pettirosi (1887-1916) Well-remembered and best-known Paraguayan Aviator, WWI Fighter. Dead when performing a looping at the age of 29. Signed card photograph, `Silvio Pettirosi«, 1914. Jean Rose (18 ?-1918) Killed accidentally when returning from an inspection military flight. Signed card, 30th June 1917, in French. Entitled `Lieutenant Rose, pilot-aviator, squadron 504 Orient Army«. Rose refers to Pierre Olgiati death and reports on the accident `he died at the Salonique bay. An engine breakdown. He tried to land but slipped and drowned..« Georges Verminck (1886-1913) Killed at Phnom-Penh at the age of 27. Signed postcard photograph, 18th March 1913, only three weeks before passing away, to Jacques Mortane (1883-1939) author of aviation works and journalist. Verminck refers to his flights and arrival to Djibouti and soon in Colombo. Also including several contemporary unsigned postcard photographs related to the pioneer aviators. VG, 6 £200-300 Provenance Emile Lasalle collection. Author of the work `Les 100 premiers aviateurs brevetŽs au monde et la naissance de l'aviation.« (''The first 100 worldwide entitled Aviators and the birth of Aviation''). A contemporary colleague of many aviators, disabled and much appreciated, author of several aviators biographies.