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SUFFREN PIERRE ANDRE DE: (1729-1788) French Admiral and Count de Suffren de Saint-Tropez. Bailli de ...

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SUFFREN PIERRE ANDRE DE: (1729-1788) French Admiral and Count de Suffren de Saint-Tropez. Bailli de Suffren obtained decisive victories against the British during the Anglo-French wars. Rare A.L., two pages, 4to, Cuddalore, on board Le HŽros, 6th October [1782], in French. Suffren reports the difficult situation they are living, they need money and explains to his correspondent what he has done, stating in part `I have already written to the Nabab, Sir, asking him for moneyÉ« further saying `..they have been ordered to take the wilder ones they can take with them. We have no money at all for usÉwith the Nabab«s help, who doesn«t lack anything, I do think that the Nabab will supply the necessary..« In October 1782 Le HŽros was being repaired in Gondelour (Cuddalore), South India, after several hard battles near Ceylan against the British navy vessels commanded by Admiral Edward Hughes (1720-1794). Small overall, minor age wear, with extremely small hole not affecting the text, otherwise G £400-600 Le HŽros was a 74 cannons vessel of the Royal French Navy. Le HŽros was the admiral vessel of the Bailli de Suffren during the U.S war of Independence. Le HŽros was destroyed during the siege of Toulon in 1793. Hyder Ali Khan (1720-1782) Haidar Ali. Nabab, Sultan and ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore in Southern India, a distinguished military leader. He opposed and offered strong resistance against the British East India Company and the military British plans. A J.B Morret engraving, 1789, shows the French Admiral Suffren meeting with Nabab Hyder Ali in 1782.