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HITLER ADOLF: (1889-1945) Fuhrer of the Third Reich 1934-45. An excellent D.S., Adolf Hitler, one pa...

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HITLER ADOLF: (1889-1945) Fuhrer of the Third Reich 1934-45. An excellent D.S., Adolf Hitler, one page, 4to, Munich, 30th September 1936, in German. The attractive printed document is signed by Hitler in his capacity as Fuhrer and Reich Chancellor. Countersigned at the base by HERMANN GORING in his capacity as President of the Reichstag, and by WERNER VON BLOMBERG as Minister of war. Signed by Hitler in bold dark ink alongside a large blind embossed seal depicting the German eagle perched upon a swastika. The document states `In the expectation that the mentioned person conscientiously fulfills his duties and legitimates the trust which is proved to him by this nomination, I fulfill this certificate. Also I grant him my special protection.« Fold to the centre, and extremely small ink stain not affecting the signatures, otherwise about EX £1000-1500 Goring Hermann (1893-1946) German Political & Military Leader of the Nazi Party. In September 1936, short before the present letter was signed, Goring and Hitler announced that the German rearmament programme had to be speed up. Two weeks after Hitler named Goring as Plenipotentiary of the Four Year Plan approved to undertake this task. Werner von Blomberg (1878-1946) German field Marshal and Commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht, German armed forces, until January 1938. Minister of Defence 1933-35. Goring and Himmler conspired to oust Blomberg from power as Goring was intending to become Commander-in-Chief himself. Goring informed Hitler that Blomberg«s just married second wife was a former prostitute and had posed for pornographic photographs. Hitler ordered Blomberg to annul the marriage to avoid a scandal and to preserve the integrity of the army. Blomberg refused to end his marriage, but when Goring threatened to make it public he was forced to resign his posts. Blomberg and his wife went on a honeymoon for a year to Capri, while Admiral Erich Raeder decided that Blomberg needed to commit suicide in order to atone for his marriage, dispatching Captain von Wangenheim to Italy, to follow Blomberg and to persist trying to force Blomberg to commit suicide, but he declined. Blomberg was captured by the Allies in 1945, and gave evidence at the Nuremberg trials, dying shortly after while imprisoned.