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[14th JULY 1789]: An extremely rare and exceptional A.L.S., one page, 4to, Lyon, 14th July 1789, in ...

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[14th JULY 1789]: An extremely rare and exceptional A.L.S., one page, 4to, Lyon, 14th July 1789, in French. The letter is written by a French citizen, employed in an official department office in Lyon, to his brother, a tax attorney, and relates the first hours of the revolution, stating `We have suffered 4 to 5 days of great consternation, people have burnt down all employees offices, and since then no incomes...Some military regiments arrived and this helped to keep 36 to 40 of the insurgents under control, they hanged some of them before yesterday; we must be back home at 9h in the evening because military troops have been ordered to shoot anyone who could be related to the rebellion, and we fear being mingled with them..« further writing an exceptional testimonial of the first hours of the revolution in Paris `We have just received an extraordinary courier from Paris which announces that at 8h in the morning M. Necker has been taken away and carried out of the KingdomÉ There are 40.000 men of foreigner troops in the surroundings of Versailles and Paris. All Paris is in a sad situation, they pretend that there are more than 350.000 Parisians who have taken up arms; we are waiting for a further extraordinary courier this evening..« A letter of excellent historical content. With blank address leaf. Small area of paper loss to the address leaf. G £2000-3000 From 30th June to 4th July 1789, violent riots took place in Lyon. The insurgents sacked offices. The 67th Swiss regiment of Sonnenberg was sent to defend the arsenal which was under the menace of being sacked. Once the troops brought back the calm, few insurgents were executed. Jacques Necker (1732-1804) Swiss Banker & Finance Minister 1777-81 under Louis XVI. Some of his decisions have been later considered as critical in creating social conditions which contributed to the outbreak of the French Revolution. Necker left France and went to Brussels a few days before the 14th of July. This new was one of the main causes of the first great riots which led to the 14th July uprising.