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Likutei Biurim. Warsaw, 1868

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19/06/2018 at Winner'S

Articles by Admor Dovber of Lubavitch with elucidations by the chassid, Rabbi Hillel of Paritch. Warsaw, 1868. First edition.

Specifications: [1], 67: 52 leaves. 20 cm. Encyclopedia L'Chassidut, Sefarim, p. 542.

The book includes: the text of Kuntress HaHitpa'alut by the Admor Rabbi Dovber with elucidation by Rabbi Hillel. Shaar HaYichud and elucidated Hakdamat Derech Chaim ... with mussar haskel ... negotiations for business people.

Background: Rabbi Hillel HaLevi of Partich [1795-1864] was a prominent Chabad Mashpia. He was a follower of the "Alter Rebbe", the "Mitteler Rebbe" [Rabbi Dovber] and the Tzemach Tzedek. The Mitteler Rebbe and the Tzemach Tzedek both appointed him Mashpia and sent him young boys so that he could teach them and guide them in chassidut. He is known as the foremost Chabad Mashipa and even called a "half-rebbe."

Unique Features: Important, uncommon work. Owner signatures.

Condition: Very fine.