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LOT 292:

Handwritten and Signed Document by Rabbi Meir A"Sh. Baja, 1812

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19/06/2018 at Winner'S

Accounting document from the Baja community of Hungary, written and signed by the town rabbi, Rabbi Meir Eisenstat - Mahara"m A"Sh. 1812.

Specifications: [1] leaf paper, 19x21 cm. Written and signed on one side by Rabbi Meir A"Sh.

Content: The document presents the financial accounts of the community managers including Rabbi Mordechai Shtern, and concludes with signatures of the rabbis and community leaders. The first signatory is Rabbi Meir A"Sh. There are other accounts on the reverse side of the leaf, in a different script.

Rabbi Meir Eisenstat, known as Mahara"m A"Sh, after the name of his book (1780-1854), was one of the first disciples of the Chatam Sofer in his yeshiva in Mattersdorf and then in Pressburg, and considered one of his greatest disciples. He was rabbi of Baja, Balassagyarmat and Ungvar, where he established a yeshiva in which hundreds of students learned, including prominent Hungarian rabbis. After the passing of his rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Sofer (the "Chatam Sofer"), he began issuing responsa to hundreds of petitioners, and was from then on considered the most prominent leader and adjudicator of Hungarian Orthodox Jewry. Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer, author of Ktav Sofer, son of the Chatam Sofer, wrote in his eulogy: "The gaon, Mahara"m, ztz"l, was the greatest of Father's disciples, light of the diaspora, the most select of his select students in Torah, righteousness and character.

Condition: Very fine.