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LOT 294:

Shabbat HaGadol Sermon by Rabbi Moshe Sofer, the "Chatam Sofer," in his Hand, Regarding Pesach Topics, [1813]

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19/06/2018 at Winner'S

Large, unique leaf from a Shabbat HaGadol sermon, Parshat Haazinu [1814], written by Rabbi Moshe Sofer, the "Chatam Sofer." Printed in Derashot Chatam Sofer, volume two, Nissan-Tishrei - for Pesach 1831, first page on p. 203 and second page on p. 544-273(רעג).

Specifications: [2] pages, paper. 41x25.5 cm. About 89 lines in his hand, all clear and legible.

Unique Features: The sermon primarily discusses the meaning of the verses in Psalms, 'זמרו לד' חסידיו' [Sing to Hash-m, His devout ones] 'ואני אמרתי בשלוי בל אמוט לעולם' [I had said in my serenity, "I will never falter"] etc., explaining the battles of the Israelites when they left Egypt and at the splitting of the sea. This is a Shabbat HaGadol sermon, as noted at its head.

In addition, at the bottom of the second page, there is a start of another Passover sermon. This one explains the concept of bikurim and לא תבשל גדי [Do not cook a (goat-) kid]He compares this to one who asked the king's guard to supervise his actions so that he doesn't stray from the king's will. The Sefer HaDrashot notes that there is a handwritten comment, however that comment does not appear on this manuscript.

The Chatam Sofer was unique in that he recorded entire topics in an organized fashion. His progeny and disciples preserved his manuscripts as a segulah for fear of G-d and Divine salvation. Therefore, the manuscript is very valuable, despite the fact that its content has been printed.

Background: The Chatam Sofer wrote his sermons and halachic responsa in an organized manner. In one of his famous letters, he notes that "I write down with ink all that Hash-m has blessed me with, in both halachah and aggadah, and it is available for anyone who wants to come and copy it, as was the way of our predecessors prior to the printing press."

Condition: Fine-very fine condition. Minimal stains and erased ink.