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LOT 295:

Letter by "Ein HaBdolach," Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Hirsch Mannheimer, Av Beit Din of Ungvar. Ungvar, c. 1880

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19/06/2018 at Winner'S

"In my opinion, he does not have to require a different chalitzah;" responsum on matters of chalitzah, handwritten and signed by Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Mannheimer, the Chatam Sofer's student. Ungvar, c. 1880. 

Specifications: [1] page, paper. In his handwriting and with his signature. 23X15 cm.

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Mannheimer, (1814-1886) Av Beit Din of Ungvar and author of Ein HaBdolach, was one of the Chatam Sofer's primary disciples, one of the great scholars of his generation, and one of the leaders of Hungarian Jewry. He was born in 1814 and entered the Chatam Sofer's yeshiva before the age of 13. He was close to his rabbi throughout his life. He served as rabbi in Shuttledorf, and beginning in 1870 as Av Beit Din of Ungvar until his passing in 1886.

Refer to: HaChatam Sofer VeTalmidav, p. 151-155.

Condition: Fine. Fold marks. Stains. Small repaired tear on upper section.