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LOT 297:

Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg Av Beit Din of Mattersdorf to Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtel

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19/06/2018 at Winner'S

Rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg, rabbi of Unsdorf, to Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtel. 1902. Unique ordination [?].

Specifications: [1] graph paper. 14x19 cm. All in his hand and with his signature and faded stamp.

In this ordination, he greatly extols the sharp-witted young man. He writes that he no longer gives ordination, however Rabbi Yissachar Teichtel is a disciple he raised from a young age. He also mentions Rabbi Yissachar's father-in-law, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Ginaz, rabbi of  Hajdúböszörmény.

Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg was the rabbi of Unsdorf for thirty-five years, and was one of the leading Torah disseminators in Hungary and leader of Ultra-Orthodox Jewry of the time. He was one of the elite disciples of the Ktav Sofer, an amazing genius, and a holy, righteous ascetic. He was born in [1842] and passed away in [1919]. He authored the Beer Shmuel series.

Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtel [1885-1945] was rabbi and rosh yeshiva of Piestany, near Nitra in western Slovakia. He was noted for his Shu"t Mishneh Sachir. When the Holocaust broke out, he delved into studies related to exile and redemption and the Land of Israel. He had generally followed the opinion of the Admor of Mukacs, author of Minchat Elazar, but as events played out, he started supporting immigration to Palestine. He was killed during the Holocaust. During his lifetime, he succeeded in publishing his Em HaBanim Smechah and two sections of Shu"t Mishneh Sachir. After the Holocaust, another three sections of his Shu"t Mishneh Sachir were printed along with a diary he wrote during the war, Emunah Tzerufa B'Kur HaShoah, and the Mishneh Sachir on the Torah and on the holidays.

Condition: Moderate-fine. Vestiges of pasting and stains.