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Nov 24, 2018 (Your local time)
 ul. Ausekla 6a, Riga

The auction house "Artembassy" is organizing the biggest artwork auction in the Baltics! The auction will take place quite soon - on November 24 of this year, at 12.00 o'clock at the premises of Rietumu Banka in Vesetas street 7, Riga. Auction exhibition will be on wiev from 24 november. The auction will provide bidding onsite, bidding online, remote bidding and bidding on the phone. 

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LOT 2:

Voldemars Irbe (1893-1944)
Sunset on the forest

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Price: €270
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Sunset on the forest

1940. Cardboard, pastel. 21x26 cm

Author Voldemārs Irbe (1893-1944)

Beginning price € 270 Article 35_A24316 

Voldemars Irbe(1893-1944) learned in the school of German crafts society in Riga (1908 – 11, at B. Dzenis, J. Kuga, A. Cimermanis) and studio of J. Madernieks (1911 – 13).

The years of the First World War he spent in cloister (in Riga, Petersburg, Moscow, Suhumi), traveled, he was in Novocherkask, Novorosijsk etc.

About 1919 artist returned to Riga and for a while he worked as a teacher in elementary schools.

V. Irbe took part in exhibitions since 1914. He made self-exhibitions in 1923, 1932, 1934, 1936, and the entire time artist exhibited works in his studio in Riga.

Memorial exhibitions were made in Riga (1968, 1979, 2005).

He was a very prolific artist and he had seen as the first persistent pastel painter in Latvian art.

Since 1940 V. Irbe was a member of Fine arts cooperative.

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