Auction 22 Books, Kodesh books, Hassidic books, Rabbinical letters, Manuscripts, Judaika objects and more
Wednesday, 20.2.19 (Your local time)
 Harav Kook Street 10 Bnei Brak,
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LOT 011:

Collection of 29 books from Jerusalem.

Sold for: $300
Start price:
$ 300
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only
20/02/2019 at Moreshet

1. Ra’avan, third section, on the Even HaEzer, with commentary Even Leshemb’Dvir. By Rabbi Aryeh LeibRashkes. Jerusalem 1875. 2. To’ameha Haim Zachu, commentary on the Etz Haim. Third section, with attached pamphlet “Sod HaTzorfim.” Jerusalem 1927 3. TzitzHaKodesh, first section. Jerusalem, Zuckerman printing, 1920. 4. ChemdatZvi on the Torah by Rabbi Zvi David Glazer. Jerusalem, printed by Yehuda v’Yerushalayim. 1931. 5. Chacham Lev on the Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer by Rabbi Haim Yehuda Leib Auerbach. Jerusalem, Salomon printing, 1937. 6. Adat Yaakov, first section, Jerusalem, Zuckerman printing, 1934. 7. ChemdatYerushalayim. By Rabbi ben Zion Elkalay. Back of the cover has dedication handwritten by the author. Jerusalem 1876. 8. Psalms, with EdutB’Yehosef. Jerusalem, Zuckerman printing 1926. 9. OhelMoed, second section, by Rav Yitzhak Gagin. Jerusalem, Levy printing, 1904. 10. Agadot Talmud Yerushalmi, Seder Zra’im, Jerusalem, Fromkin printing (no date). 11. Megineh Avraham by Rav Avraham ZviBrodna. Jerusalem, printed by Zuckerman, 1926. 12. Sdeh Naftali b’Halacha—Kerem Naftali b’Aggadah. By Rav Naftali Hertz Meir Halprin. Jerusalem, Weinfeld printing, 1938. 13. TehilahL’David, including chiddushim on the Shulchan AruchOrechHayyim. By Rav David Ortinberg. Jerusalem, Khorev printing. 1949. 14. Yedei Moshe, by Rav Moshe Kaham. Jerusalem, Menorah printing, 1934. 15. IshYerushalayim, edited by Moshe Ostravsky. Binding has a stamp by the author. Jerusalem 1938. 16. ElehDivreiHaBrit, first section. By Rabbi Haim Hirschenson. Jerusalem, HaIvri printing, 1936. 17. Vayeshev Yosef, signature of ownership of RavYeshua Atiya (no name of printer). Jerusalem 1905 18. Sha’areiDim’ah, Jerusalem, HaTechiya printing (no date). 19. HadaratZekeinim, by Rabbi Yaakov Hai Borla. Jerusalem, Zuckerman printing, 1890. 20. MetzakhefShmirat Shabbat, in Judeo-Arabic. By Rabbi David Moshe Sat’hon. Jerusalem, Aviv printing, no year given. 21. Seder for Five Fasts. Khukat Olam. By Ra ShlomoMosiyov. Jerusalem, Zuckerman printing, 1894. 22. Siddur MinchatYerushalayim. Jerusalem 1931. 23. OtzarHaSippurim. By RavZviMoscowitz. Jerusalem 1958. 24. Mikra’eiKodesh, Jerusalem 1906. 25. Psalms, Jerusalem, Levi printing, 1913. Different sizes and conditions. Generally ok to good. 26. Minchat Kohen by Rav Yosef Haim HaKohen, Jerusalem, Levi printing, 1902. 27. SeferHaMitzvotofRabbeinuHaRambam, by RavYehiel Heller. HaIvri printing, Jerusalem 1929. 28. Chumash ToratShlomo, edited and organized by Rav Menachem Mendel Kasher, Ram at the SfatEmet yeshiva. Jerusalem 1920. Printed by Y.A. Weiss (printer). Many glosses in pen, signed “Levi Yitzhak” throughout the book. Stains, generally good condition. 29. KafHaHayyim, printed by Lifshitz Jerusalem 1915. Folds on the cover page Generally good condition.