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LOT 018:

Be’erAshak. Venice 1674. First edition.

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20/02/2019 at Moreshet

Questions and answers on halacha, by Rabbi Shabtai Be’er. The author was a sage of Italy and Jersualem (died in 1674 approximately). Some of the answers printed in the book led to criticism of its author, such as his testimony on the Rama of Pano having shaved his beard and allowed him to do kiddush and Havdalah on Stam Yeinam. The Rabach says his words should not be trusted. In the book appears his tshuva to a question asked after the appearance of Shabtai Zvi, whether the kinot should be said for the destruction of the Temple in the morning ashmoret. He said they should be said “until we go from slavery to freedom…” [4], 134 pages. 20cm. Stains, moth damage, generally good condition.