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 Harav Kook Street 10 Bnei Brak,
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LOT 039:

Lot of 2 books of the Gra—Europe, 19th century.

Start price:
$ 150
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only
20/02/2019 at Moreshet

1. HaFrance, first edition by Rabbi Moshe France of Rottenburg with glosses and exegeses by the geonim Rabbi David Luria and Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Horwitz, and in the margins LikkuteiHaGra on Rambam. At the end of the book is a pamphlet Yedei Moshe by the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Horwitz, with a separate cover. Printed by A. Z. Katznelenboygen, Vilna 1891. Stamped dedication “from the estate of Chief Rabbi ShlomoHaKohen Aaronson” (1863-1935), the 1st Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Tel Aviv. 2. Proverbs with exegesis of the Gra. Quality paper. Printed by Rabbi David Sachlover, Warsaw 1837. Various sizes and conditions, generally good.