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Jul 16, 2019

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Siddur Tefillah Yeshara - Barditchev Belonging to ...

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Siddur Tefillah Yeshara - Barditchev Belonging to the Tosh"er  Rebba  The Tzadik Rabbi Meshulam Feish Lowi of Tosh
Siddur Tefillah Yeshara – Barditchev which belonged to Rabbi Meshulam Feish Segal Lowi of Tosh, Canada, used by him for ten years (1980 - 1990).
The Admor's seal can be found on the page prior to the title page along with a long list of kvitlach for prayer.
A Gabay testifies in the attached letter: " As is obvious specifically by Kabbalas Shabbos in the pages adjoining lecha dodi, I merited to stand near him and saw how the pages were literally wet with tears…"
This edition Siddur Tefilla Yeshara was published in Williamsburg, 1975.
Rabbi Meshulam Feish Lowi (1921 - 2015), was the renowned Admor of Tosh, Canada, known especially for his long devotion-filled prayers. Many flocked to him from all corners of the globe, to stay in his presence and receive his blessing. Rabbi Meir Amsel writes: "… One of the most solid foundations of the Admar of Tosh was prayer… Each and every one of the Admor's prayers was a chapter in itself of devoted avodah… to instill the love and fear of the Creator in the hearts of all worshipers…"
22 cm |  binding with engraving of the Admor's name | Good condition

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