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Dec 17, 2019
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LOT 81:

Set [8 Volumes] of Kaf HaChaim. First Edition

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Set [8 Volumes] of Kaf HaChaim. First Edition
Kaf HaChaim - monumental work in eight volumes on Shulchan Aruch Ohr HaChaim by Rabb Ya'akov Chaim Sofer of Baghdad, known by the name of this book, as "the author of Kaf HaChaim."
The work before us was written by Rabbi Ya'akov Chaim Sofer over close to forty years, from his youth until just before his passing. (At the end of his life, he also started writing on the Yoreh Deah section of Shulchan Aruch, but he only managed to write one volume. In the middle of the second volume, he passed away. After his passing, Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef completed the missing part of the second volume.) The book is similar in structure to the Ashkenazi Mishnah Berurah, and like it, it was unquestionably accepted, as the ultimate book of halachah in all Sephardic communities.
The gaon Rabbi Ya'akov Chaim Sofer [1867-1939] was a halachic adjudicator and kabbalist. He was born in Baghdad and rabbinically ordained by the head rabbi of Iraq, the author ofֲ Ben Ish Chai. He ascended to the Land of Israel in 1904, where he joined students of kabbalah at the Rechovot HaNahar yeshivah. He was a disciple/associate of Rabbi Chaim Shaul HaKohen Dwek.
Part I: [simanim 1-88]. Jerusalem, 1910. [4], 165 leaves. 24 cm.
Part II: [simanim 89-156]. Jerusalem, 1913. [2], 181 leaves. 24 cm.
Part III: [simanim 157-241]. Jerusalem, 1915. [2], 190 leaves. 24 cm.
Part IV: [simanim 242-318]. Jerusalem, 1920. [2], 165 leaves. 29 cm.
Part V: [simanim 319-428]. Jerusalem, 1924. [1], 179 leaves. 30 cm.
Part VI: [simanim 429-494]. Jerusalem, 1928. [2], 165 leaves. 30 cm.
Part VII: [simanim 495-580]. Jerusalem, 1931. [2], 151 leaves. 30 cm.
Part VIII: [simanim 581-697]. Jerusalem, 1933. [2], 176 leaves. 30 cm.
Stefansky,ֲ Sifrei Yesod 194. Very fine condition. Magnificent new bindings with gilt inscription.