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Dec 17, 2019
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Group of [3] Books - Beit HaBechirah by HaMeiri. First Editions, 18th-19th Centuries

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Group of [3] Books - Beit HaBechirah by HaMeiri. First Editions, 18th-19th Centuries
Before us are first editions of the Beit HaBechirah books, the central works by Rabbi Menachem ben Shlomo of the HaMeiri family. He was one of the great Talmudic commentators of the 13th century. The books by Rabbeinu HaMeiri were hidden for approximately 700 years until the 18th-20th centuries. They were discovered in a single manuscript in the Parama library. Refer to Winner's website about the controversy between the Mishnah Berurah and the Chazon Ish about HaMeiri.
* Chiddushei HaRav HaMeiri al Masechet Shabbat was printed from manuscript by Shmuel ben Rabbi Avraham Yishmael Sangoinitti zlh"h. Livorno, 1794. First edition. With approbations by the rabbis of Jerusalem and of Izmir. The publisher writes: "And I, the youngest of my entire family, and of my father's house, tiny among the people of Jerusalem, was requested and hastened by the rabbis of the holy city of Jerusalem to publish this. As such, I did not rest, and spent a huge amount on publishing ... travelling along the way until arriving here in Livorno." [2], 104 leaves. 31 cm. Dismantled binding.
* HaRav HaMeiri - Beit HaBechirahֲ on Tractate Meggilah. Amsterdam, 1769. First edition. Printed from manuscript by R' Chaim b"r Avraham HaKohen "Who underwent rescuing members of his household from cruel people along his travels." [3], 40, [1] leaf. 20 cm. Gilt leather binding.
* Beit HaBechirah L'Masechet Yoma. Jerusalem, 1885. First edition. 8 pp, 80 leaves. 22 cm. Published from manuscript by R' Avraham Hirschenson. Picture of the tomb of the kings of the House of David on the last page. Sh. HaLevi, Sifrei Yerushalayim HaRishonim 493. Very lengthy handwritten inscription on the leaf preceding the title page.
Stefansky Sifrei Yesod 61. Overall fine condition.

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