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Dec 17, 2019
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LOT 86:

Chiddushei HaRa"n on Talmudic Tractates. First Edition

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Chiddushei HaRa"n on Talmudic Tractates. First Edition
* Chiddushei Rabbeinu Nissim z"l al Masechet Gittin, Constantinople, 1711. First edition
First book of the Ra"n's novellae brought to print.
64 leaves, 19 cm. Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod 59.
* Todat Shlamim. The first part is Zivchei Todah - including: Chiddushei HaRa"n al Masachet Niddah, Hasagot HaRaza"h al Sefer Ba'alei HaNefesh L'HaRa'ava"d, and Hilchot Niddah L'HaRamba"n. The second part isֲ Lachmei Todah, responsa from Rabbi Yeshayahu Basan. Venice, Bragadin Press, 1741. First edition.
Additional title page forֲ Lachmei Todah. Owner's signature on the title page.
[6] 112 leaves, without the leaf of errata - which is lacking in many copies. 23 cm. Stefansky,ֲ Sifrei Yesod 59.
Overall fine condition. Several worming perforations and aging stains.

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