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Dec 17, 2019
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LOT 90:

Klei Paz, Venice. First Edition

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Klei Paz, Venice. First Edition
Klei Pazֲ - elucidation on Book of Yeshayah with the text of the Book surrounded by the commentary by Rabbeinu Shmuel Laniado. Owner's signature from the time of printing on the title page: "Shimon Katz."
Approbation from Rabbi Moshe Zacut at the beginning of the book with a special poem he wrote in honor of the author and the book. Elegant title page with architectural border.
The author, Rabbi Shmuel Laniado, known as the 'Ba'al HaKeilim' after the names of his books, was the head of the rabbis of Aleppo. He lived for some time in Safed, and in his books there are many quotations heard directly from leading kabbalists of Safed: Mahar"i Berav, the Rama"k, the Ar"i, Rabbi Shlomo Alkabetz and more. He was sent by Rabbi Yosef Karo to lead the Aleppo community - he wrote them "I have sent a man like myself" - and he was appointed there as head rabbi. Many of his descendants served as rabbis in Aleppo.
[2], 256 leaves. 28 cm. Stefansky,ֲ Sifrei Yesod 26; fine condition. Owner's signatures and notations. Aging stains. Isolated worming perforations. The title page and the following leaf are detached. Dismantled binding.

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