Auction 7 The first glorious Auction of 2020 with a rich selection of hundreds of coins, medals, banknotes and collectable accessories
Jan 1, 2020
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The Seventh and first Auction of 2020 with a rich variety of hundreds of coins, medals and banknotes from all over the world

World Gold coins, Rare Israeli bills, a huge collection of Israeli gold and silver medals, a large collection of silver coins from the world, Accessories for coin/banknote collectors and many other interesting items.

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LOT 10:

Marc Chagall – King David Gold Medal, Rare

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$ 1,600
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$2,000 - $2,500
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Marc Chagall – King David Gold Medal, Rare
Weight: 33.9 grams, Purity: 0.916(22 karat), Condition: UNC
The medal is in original packaging.

After King David established Jerusalem as his capital, he and the people of Israel together brought the Holy Ark into the city. Their joy was so great that they all came to join the procession and accompany the Holy Ark with harps and tambourines.
Throughout the years of the long exile, this procession became a symbol of the Jewish people's ardent longing for the return to Jerusalem.
Chagall portrays David and the dancing procession of Chassidim and pioneers in the Land of Israel, in perfect harmony, in his work "The Entry into Jerusalem" which he created for a mural tapestry for the Knesset. Past present and future of the people of Israel blend together and the picture overflows with joy.
The Chagall State Medal, struck in 22k and 18k gold, features a detail of Chagall's splendid work, King David dancing with his harp, on a colorful lithograph. The medal reverse is graced with a Menorah, the seven-branched candelabrum, a detail from a mosaic that Chagall also created for the Knesset.
Design: Natan Karp based on the work of Chagall
Minting: Government Mint, Jerusalem
Engraving: Face - Tidhar Dagan, Reverse - Kretschmer
Face: Color lithograph of King David playing his harp and dancing, a detail from Chagall's mural tapestry "The Entry into Jerusalem" created for the Knesset. Around the lithograph are other figures taken from the tapestry and inscription "King David" in English and Hebrew.
Common Reverse of the Series: Menorah, the seven-branched candelabrum, a detail from the mosaic Chagall created for the Knesset, and his signature.

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