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Jan 22, 2020
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The Fourth Zionist Congress in London - Designed invitation board for the Last Day to Have Discussions on the ...

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The Fourth Zionist Congress in London - Designed invitation board for the Last Day to Have Discussions on the Future of the Hebrew Colonies. London, 1900

Banquet offered by english zionists to their foreign co = workers - Designed invitation board for the last day of the Fourth Zionist Congress on August 16, 1900 - To discuss the development of the Hebrew colonies and their future.

At this congress, among other things discussed, The situation of 532 families working in the Hebrew colonies , which was a small and productive minority among the Jewish community of about 50,000 people. The existence of the workers and their families was in danger because of the transfer of the colonies from the custodianship of the generous to J.C.A that year . The Congress's location in the United Kingdom was chosen to influence the British government and public opinion in the United Kingdom, to allocate territories in areas under its control and close to the Land of Israel. For this purpose, the last congressional hearing day was dedicated on August 16, 1900. Before us Designed invitation board by D. Willenberd calling to attend an event held at the Queen's Hall where these issues will be discussed.

In the center a girl kneeling at her feet, representing the Jewish communities alongside English knights coming to aid, to the left a peasant grove and the name of the "Rishon LeZion" colony [which numbered only 400 people in those days and its future was foggy]. to the right the verse: "'ציון במשפט תפדה ושביה בצדקה' " And Magen David with the caption: 'Zion'. The illustrator presents the future of the Hebrew colonies with the assistance of the British Kingdom.

Rare. Do not appear 'Cachol Lavan bizvahim Visual images of Zionism' Beit Hatfuzot, 1996.

Hard board 20x13 cm. Gilded frame. Very good condition.

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