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LOT 8:

'Our Great Factory of build the Land of Israel' - Letter from Henrietta Szold. February 1931

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'Our Great Factory of build the Land of Israel' - Letter from Henrietta Szold. February 1931

A letter signed by Henrietta Szold, was sent to the Haifa community committee from her New York seat. February 3, 1931.

'I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for have made up on your heart the memory of my name on my seventieth birthday. In particular, I cherish your connection to your thoughts about me in your thoughts on our great enterprise - building the Land of Israel and fulfilling our people's dream of generations. With the blessing of the building and the frequent fulfillment. Yours, Henrietta Szold.

In 1930, Szold celebrated her 70th birthday with her long-time friends and acquaintances in the United States, where she was following Haim Weizman's mission to fill the advocacy positions to strengthen the Zionist movement in America. In the same year, under the initiative of Dr. Stephen Samuel Wise, the institution was awarded the Honorary Doctor and thus became the first woman to receive this degree from the institution. Szold, who in those days was renamed all over the Jewish world received letters of blessing on the occasion of her birthday, also from various parties who were in Israel at that time. A year later she was called back to return Israel.

[1] leaf of the ANSONIA Hotel in New York City. stencil Print with Szold's signature. Filing holes. Very good condition.