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LOT 43:

Collection of letters from Berlin to Eretz Israel on the eve of the Holocaust. Berlin, 1936-1940

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Collection of letters in the handwriting of Henrietta Stein - a Jewish resident of the city of Berlin, written from 1936-1940 to a friend named Frida and acquaintances, friends, and family members who were living in Eretz Israel at the time. There are about 35 letters in total, a small part of the letters written by other jews. German. (Except for one Hebrew unidentified letter, apparently written in Israel).

Alongside vivid descriptions of her personal life, her beliefs, and her studies, Stein describes various anti-Semitic events. In a 1936 letter, Stein describes how on a clear morning without early notice, some large Jewish businesses were closed, as it describes the removal of Jews from their apartments in central Berlin. Also, Stein tells of the Nazi boycott on April 1, 1933, the results of which were felt several years later,There was no longer Jewish representation in government officials to whom it could be contacted during times of distress. In another letter, Stein mentions the great plurality of Jewish journalism and literature distributed in Berlin's territory despite the Nazi threat, and that there is no corner in which you find no Jewish journal or newspaper. Stein describes the mass incarceration that began in June 1938, and her attempts to escape the city with her belongings. Stein heard about the "Central Bureau of Immigration" in the city when she was already out of Berlin, and from things she writes indicate that were not clear to her The purpose of this bureau. When the synagogues burned down on Kristallnacht, Stein was outside Berlin.

One of the letters appearing was written by a Brigade soldier who served in Egypt - Arnold Abraham Colenshir Frida's family member receives the letters, upon the establishment of the state he enlisted in the IDF and served in the Air Force. A number of letters from Alexander Mayer and other letters appear as well. The contents of the letters have not been thoroughly examined, and they are sold as is. Frida Stein, the recipient of the letters, died in 1948. The provenance of the letters from an estate left by her family. We do not know the fate of the letter writer.

35 letters of data in a dedicated binder. Very good condition.

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