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Palestine and the British Mandate - Collection of Early Publications

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Palestine and the British Mandate - Collection of Early Publications

Collection of Early Publications: First Zionist Congress, Palestine, and British Mandate.

* Protocol of the first Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897, Prague 1911.

* A BRIEF RECORD OF THE ADVANCE OF THE EGYPTIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE - under General Allenby's control, July 1917-October 1918, London, 1919. Dozens of maps of the Land of Israel. The report describes the course of the British war with the Ottomans over Israel between July 1917 and October 1918 under the command of General Allenby.   Among other things, the report shows the course and progress of the fighting, the various positions held, the details of the troops, the order of the forces and the quantities of ammunition and weapons. At the end of the report fifty-five colored maps showing the progress of British forces and the withdrawal of Ottoman forces from the south to the north: From Gaza and Beersheba through Judea, Samaria and the Galilee, to the conquest of Damascus and northern Syria.

* Sion et liberte, 1919 Tunisia.

* Sheets of regulations and orders of the Palestinian government regarding the printing and publication of newspapers and other printed matter, book registration and printing houses - 1933 and 1942. 

* Lecture by the Royal Commission on Palestine, submitted to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Colonial Affairs by order of His Majesty in July 1937. Official translation. Includes two maps of the Land of Israel.

* Addendum No. 2 to the Official Journal Issue 737 - November 1937, Issue 766 March 1938.


* Official Gazette of the Palestinian Government - Special Issue of February 15, 1943.

Various sizes and conditions.

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