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Jan 22, 2020
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LOT 17:

'Di Velt' - 37 Consecutive sheets. Kaunas, 1924. The only newspaper in Kaunas that came out against anti-Semitic ...

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'Di Velt' - 37 Consecutive sheets. Kaunas, 1924. The only newspaper in Kaunas that came out against anti-Semitic phenomena

Issues 1-37, which came out as the weekend supplement to the popular Jewish newspaper 'Di Yiddish Shtime'. Kovno, a full set of 1924 issues. The first Zionist daily newspaper in independent Lithuania.

" Di Yiddishi Shtima" (" The Jewish Voice" ) was a daily Yiddish newspaper published in Kaunas between 1919-1940. Head of the Jewish press in the First Lithuanian Republic, and the first Zionist daily in Independent Lithuania. The first issues appeared in primitive print conditions, in two small pages and in capital letters. Payment for the paper was in German pennipigans - one of the remnants of Lithuania's German occupation during World War I. The paper would appear at noon with the date of the next day. In the 1920s, an expansion period was imminent. The paper increased in number of pages, and regular additions were included, including the " Die Welt" (" The World" ) before us, which also contained pictures.

The paper was founded by the Zionist Organization in Lithuania but was in fact the recognized expression of Lithuanian Jewry in general. He served as a host for writers, poets, publicists, and young journalist from all streams and parties. In major articles, field lists and articles he recommended, the loyal advocate of the Jews of Lithuania, the warrior newspaper that headed their wars and wars for their basic national-autonomous rights and reflected daily throughout its existence, the problems and fears, joys and sorrows of the local Jewish community. The newspaper was the only source of news from the big world for Lithuanian Jewish masses. A definitive imprint on the patterns of the newspaper was Reuben Rubinstein, who joined the newspaper system in 1923 and became its editor-in-chief in 1925. The Jews of Lithuania, its businesses and its activists, over the years, have adopted the Rubinstein word in " Shtima" , spoken and written in his own language and flourished his sayings in their arguments and speeches. In addition, the newspaper provided an extensive platform for the publication of Zionist activity in the Land of Israel. Each week the supplement published a photograph of the Land of Israel under the title: " Pictures of the Land of Israel" . The end of the newspaper in 1940 with the Soviet occupation.

37 sheets bound " Die Welt" newspaper supplement, stains. Moderate-good condition. Some sheets with torn edges, fragile paper, and detached pages.

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