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LOT 47:

'Hitler wants to make the east peoples his slaves.' Russian anti-Nazi poster. On the eve of World War II

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"Мерманская Точка Зрения на Славянские Народы - German Truth towards the Slovak States. Russian, Anti-Nazi Poster from World War II. Lithographic Printing MOA.

Hitler's stereotyped image An observer with binoculars. The SS symbol on his swastika hat. A scroll was painted on his arm instead of the swastika. The caption accompanying the poster reads: "Hitler hates the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Slovenes, the Belarusians, Belgrade, and wants making everyone his slaves."

Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power in Germany on the basis of ideology, which included, among other things, a belief in Germany's need to take over "living space" in Eastern Europe, which would also include the Soviet Union, and regarded the local Slavic population as racially inferior people who were termed "unter- Menchen" [Subhuman], designed to serve the race of Aryan gentlemen. This was well known to the Russians. But on the eve of the Nazi invasion of Poland, a temporary interest was formed between the two sides: the Germans wanted to ensure that the USSR did not interfere with their plan to conquer Poland, and in the second stage, to secure theim when heading west, attacking France and the Low Countries. Stalin, for his part, knew he needed more time to strengthen the Soviet army, seize more territory, and prepare for the military campaign against Nazi Germany (a war he believed was inevitable). Against this backdrop, on August 23, 1939, both parties signed a Mutual Non-Attack Agreement, known as the Ribbentrop-Molotov Agreement. The signing of the agreement struck the world with astonishment.

Against this backdrop, this poster was published that reveals the true intentions of the Nazis as to the eastern peoples, and it was actually intended to influence Russian public opinion to believe that such agreements were unlikely to succeed in the long term, and that the entire Russian population intended to be eliminated by the Nazi dictator. As it did eventually when Hitler decided to head east and attack the Soviet Union. What was the most bloody and difficult conflict in human history, in the war in which the Soviet Union lost by various estimates 20 to 28 million dead - over 15% of its population. It was a clash between two totalitarian regimes with opposing ideology, which gave the conflict a sort of "annihilation war", as the leaders of both parties pointed out. The Nazi regime sought to implement the ideas of race theory in the war on the Eastern Front, and instructed the military and annexed police units to achieve its objectives at all costs, including committing war crimes against humanity on a huge scale.

Size: 25x19 cm. Very good condition.

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