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Jan 22, 2020
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LOT 45:

"The officials of the country whose duty it is to fight against the Nazism say to send the fugitives ... to ...

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"The officials of the country whose duty it is to fight against the Nazism say to send the fugitives ... to degeneration on the island of Madagascar." - Important proclamation against the cooperation of the Zionist leadership regarding the deportation of European Jews to Madagascar

'Into the masses of the Hebrew settlement' - an important proclamation against 'officials of the country' to cooperate with the British's intention to send Holocaust survivors who were able to arrive in Israel in 1940 to Madagascar Island. Saturday evening, November 8, 1940.

"Approximately two thousand Jews from the Nazi countries have been able to reach the shores of the country ... the authorities of the country ... say to close the escapees to the fugitives. They say they are sent to prison camps and to degenerate life in distant British colonies. The Germans declare that they will send all Jews to degeneration in Madagascar, and country officials, whose duty is to fight Nazism say to send the fugitives from the agony and threats of degeneration on an island near Madagascar ... ". The proclamation goes against the intention of the 'country officials' to cooperate with the British plan to send the Nazi sword fugitives to Madagascar Island. "The settlement will not rest until the superiors of the National House cease to care for its demolition, and until those in charge of fighting the Nazis, stop except, in all their capacities, the most faithful spirit to repel Nazism ...".

The Madagascar program was first run in 1885 by anti-Semitic German author Paul de Lagard. His plan was to concentrate all European Jews on the island of Madagascar.It was repeated by some anti-Semites in the 1920s and 1930s.

In 1940, with the fall of France and its division between German occupation territory and the entity called Vichy France, the idea of ​​the Madagascar program was promoted in particular by Reinhard Heydrich. The island of Madagascar, which was a French colony, remained under the rule of Vichy and as such appeared to the Nazis to be suitable for their purposes. The task was assigned to the Foreign Ministry. The plan was to isolate the Jews in this remote place where European peoples would be separated. In practice, the plan was impractical, both logistically and militarily. Nevertheless, the plan was seriously considered, and at the end of 1940 the Nazis expelled some of the West German Jews to France, in preparation for their deportation to Madagascar; But in early 1941, with the preparations for Operation Barbarossa, the plan was abandoned and in its place came the overall extermination program that eliminated about a third of European Jewry.

Attached is a proclamation calling for a "general strike of the Jewish community demanding that our immigrants be brought to the homeland," November 20, 1940.

Size: 25x14 cm. Stains. Good condition.

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