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LOT 42:

"The very depressed exiles who are under Hitler's throne. He tortures them very much, and they know that they will ...

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"The very depressed exiles who are under Hitler's throne. He tortures them very much, and they know that they will soon die as a martyrdom ... " Letters from Magdiel Elementary School on the subject of 'people on their land" and Immigrants to Eretz Israel ", June 1941

Seventh-eighth graders at Magdiel Primary School were asked, within the Literature field, to write an essay on "A people without land, and a people on his land" as well as on "in a ship between immigrants and Israel." 25 essays from various students on this topic, which were written during the month of June 1941.

In the letters, the students express their warm feelings for the Land of Israel and the longing to see the building, their personal fate as immigrants from the occupied European countries under the Nazi boot, Gets central expression in the essays. A student named Deborah Miller describes the troubles that began in Romania: "I am from Romania, until 2 months ago I visited the Hebrew school, which is in our small town. My family and I lived a blissful life ... And here one day the many urgent alarms started, and the fear grew unbearable ... The enemy invaded our homeland, destroyed women and murdered and their blood spilled like water across the homeland's streets. He even infiltrated our homes and ruined my father and mother killed ... So I remained an orphan and a dwarf and ran away where my feet were ... ". She goes on to tell of an old Polish man who describes:" A new year, a new trouble as a bold dream spread the rumor that Hitler was ahead of the gates of the city, fear was terrible, women and preachers hid in basements with fear and we as heroes were vigilant, but unfortunately the enemy's great army overcame us and one night they entered the city, captured us, arrested our wives and sons, burnt our homes and destroyed the magnificent synagogue ... '[Things are written in June 1941 !!! About six months after the Warsaw ghetto was established by the Nazis, And about two years after Kristallnacht].

A student name Yosef writes [Tevet 1941]: "The very oppressed Diaspora who are under Hitler's throne. He tortures them very much, and they know that they will quickly die as a martyrdom ..." and at the same time describes the benign fate of the inhabitants of the Land of Israel. A student named Ada Sosrovsky describes: "The Jewish people ... are scattered around every corner ... All peoples are harassing him and hating them in almost every country that haunts them and harassing them and striving to destroy them ... The Hebrew people should come to their country and not continue to wander in foreign lands." A student named Yaffe Gustman describes: "The Jews scattered all over the world have no foot to walk in. Except for the Land of Israel which is our country. In other countries, Jews are expelled and renewed decrees... I wish we all the Israelites to return to Eretz Yisrael and sit on their land for sure ... '.

A student named Chaya Wisen describes the feelings of fear in the Land of Israel as well: "The Jewish people who are scattered and divided among all nations, and among all countries, persecute and torture him to death, and cannot escape this cruel hand, even if he escapes from one country to another, There, too, hit by a malicious hand, and even if he reaches his homeland, he will not have a shelter there either, because he is always afraid that he will come with a stranger, evil and cruel, and will expel him from his land ... '. In an essay by eighth-grader Esther Gustman of June 4, 1941, she writes: "I am going to a place that I kept thinking about ... all the troubles that the Gentiles caused us ... we will have no more trouble, now I come to the warm land which Cold here in the Diaspora ... and now I will be free from the burden of narrow ... Together with all the people of Israel we will build the land of Israel the land of milk and honey.

A student name Daniel Pasmanick refers to his article on land acquisition restrictions that appeared in the White book: : "Last year, a law was issued that prohibits Jews from purchasing land. The Jews saw that without land there was no homeland and came out with demonstrations and signs. In every settlement of the country, the sign read: "No homeland no land." A people with no land cannot sit safely ... '. 

They are also rising from their letters longs to see more and more immigrants to Eretz Israel, Blossoming the wilderness of the land, as well as the contribution of the Jewish National Fund in strengthening the land and strengthening the people.

25 essays in total. In all, the student's name and date. Most of the essays have one leaf (two pages). Some of the pages spelled out by the literature teacher. General condition Very good.

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