Auction 1 Prime Judaica
Feb 27, 2020
 30 9th Street, Lakewood NJ 08701, USA

Prime Judaica is an American Antique Judaica Company, specializing in early printed Classic Seforim, Chassidic Seforim, Rabbinical Letters and Manuscripts from famous Rabbis along with Jewish Holocaust Seforim with much more.

Prime Judaica will be having approximately 3-4 auctions yearly. Our auction will be a online auction only, on a large variety of spiritual Antique treasures.

Prime Judaica has many years of experience and strives for Honesty and Reliability.

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LOT 2:

Beautiful copy of the Classic Meshech Chachma, Riga 1927.

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Start price:
$ 300
Estimated price:
$400 - $600
Auction house commission: 20%

Beautiful copy of the Classic Meshech Chachma, Riga 1927.
Classic commentary on the Torah and Megilos by R. Meir Simcha Ha’Cohen of Dvinsk. Received with great acclaim, it is one of the prime commentaries on the weekly Torah portions, beloved by both scholars and laymen.
R. Meir Simcha Ha’Cohen (1843-1926), was born in Butrimonys, Lithuania and after his marriage settled in Bialystok where he studied in the local shul for many years developing into a phenomenal Talmid Chochom. He then accepted an invitation to be the Rav of the Misnagdim of the city of Dvinsk alongside R. Yosef Rosen (Rogatchover Gaon), who was the Rav of the Chasidim there. He wrote this commentary, when he was all but 18 years old, although it was not published until after his death in 1926. It was published by his student R. Menachem Mendel Duber Zak (1871-1943), Rav of Riga.
Pages: 434
Size: 25 cm
Condition: Excellent condition, new binding.

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