Auction 21 KooKooCorona :) Contemporary Israeli Art 2020
May 2, 2020

Sale of contemporary Israeli art 2020 in the shadow of the Corona epidemic

Some artists have chosen to perpetuate the crazy era we are experiencing

Pay attention to the many graffiti works to raise morale (don't miss The MISSK)

And remember, staying at home is better when we're surrounded by art!

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The auction has ended

LOT 6:

Felix Deon
''Cancion Mexicana'' 2016

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''Cancion Mexicana'' 2016
Lithography by Mexican artist Felix Deon, framed
Numbered 5/50
23/31 cm

Felix d'Eon is a gay artist based out of Mexico City who makes watercolors and drawings in a style distinctly reminiscent, and quite convincing of, a 1920's children's book, golden-era American comics, and Japanese Edo printmaking. He paints fauns, knights, sailors, mermen, dashing young rakes, top-hatted gentlemen. His paintings are delirious fantasies, like fairy tales in the most exuberant book. With the one startling catch that, for all their convincing illusionism, they represent images of young gay love. His paintings celebrate homoerotic desire in an unabashed and unembarrassed form, speaking in a language commonly associated with the status quo, and projecting into the past a gay sensibility which surly existed, but which could never before have been given voice. His beautiful fantasies re-claim a language which had been long denied us, and in the telling create a dream of gay love and sensibility, in which any shame surrounding same sex love and sexuality is stripped away. His work allows, in the imagination, a past which could not have been to come into existence, and he fervently hopes it will play its small role in allowing fantasy to become reality; that his fantasy of the past will instead become a promise of what is to be.

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