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הרמן שטרוק Hermann Struck
collection of 70 works Etchings and Lithographs

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collection of 70 works Etchings and Lithographs
 Germany and Eretz Israel in the first half of the 20th century. For more than 40 years of his career as a successful and respected artist he created innumerable works on paper, generally in two specific genres - portraits and landscapes.
In December 1922 Struck transferred his "centre of gravity" from Berlin to Haifa. He settled in a three-storey house at 23 Arlosorov Street in Hadar Hacarmel. It was designed by his friend Alexander Baerwald - one of the finest architects working in Israel at that time and designer of the original Technion building, the Israel Institute of Technology. In that house Struck re-created his Berlin studio, gathering round him a group of students specializing in the various print techniques. Among them were Anna Ticho, Zvi Goldstein-Gali, Arie Erich Glass, Yosef Ehrlich, and Meir Ben-Uri.
Today, Struck's fine home is deemed worthy of preservation for its great architectural and historic value. The intention of the Museum is to illuminate all aspects of Struck's artistic, cultural and social life. His furniture and carpets, personal items and books will be integrated, as well as his oil paintings from Nathan Bernstein's collection and his works from the collection of the Haifa Museum of Art. On the upper floor there will be a creativity centre for youth and children, and workshops for printing and etching, sculpture and painting. Changing exhibitions will present the many-faceted works of Struck himself, as well as various aspects of art history, focusing on the art of the print which he developed and to which he dedicated his life.
Portraits and Jewish life.
Large collection of 70 etchings and lithographs by Hermann Struck.
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