Jul 22, 2020
 Urbanizacion El Real del Campanario. E-12, Bajo B 29688 Estepona (Malaga). SPAIN
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AUTOGRAPHS: A large accumulation of closely clipped signed pieces by a wide variety of Victorian ind...

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AUTOGRAPHS: A large accumulation of closely clipped signed pieces by a wide variety of Victorian ind...
AUTOGRAPHS: A large accumulation of closely clipped signed pieces by a wide variety of Victorian individuals, mainly British and most associated with Scotland, the vast majority removed from the conclusion of letters, featuring political leaders, nobility, scientists & explorers, jurists, industrialists, military and naval leaders (many of whom served in the Crimean War), artists, writers, musicians and other famous men, and some women, including Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., William Muir, Henry James Sumner Maine, Richard Vary Campbell, John Marshall Lang, Henry Drummond, William Edward Forster, William McOnie, Rawson W. Rawson, Walter Bentley, Patrick Colquhoun (founder of the first regular preventive police force in England, the Thames River Police), Lyon Playfair, Thomas Sutherland (founder of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation - HSBC), Edward William Watkin (made a failed attempt to dig a channel tunnel under the English Channel to connect his railway empire with France), Henry Edward Landor Thuillier (responsible for the first printing of postage stamps to be valid throughout India, 1854), Thomas Somerville, William Fife, Andrew Dalgleish (government agent during the Great Game; murdered), James Grant Wilson (served as a Colonel in the Union Army during the American Civil War), James Heywood, Richard Paul Amphlett, Kuno Meyer, Donald Currie, Bennet Burleigh (Scottish-born pirate & Confederate spy), Henry Calderwood, James John Cooper Wyld (map publisher), Charles Eyre (Archbishop of Glasgow), John Tulloch, Henry Fawcett, Charles Pearson (promoted London's Metropolitan Railway, the first underground railway in the world which led to the development of the London Underground network), Robert Murdoch Smith, Andrew Kennedy Hutchison Boyd, Leon Say, Henry Alleyne Nicholson, William Henry Flower, Douglas Galton, Thomas McCall Anderson, John Kirk (Scottish physician & companion to David Livingstone), George Birdwood, Morell Mackenzie, Arthur Mitchell (Scottish physician & specialist in mental illness), Ralph Copeland (Astronomer Royal for Scotland), Archibald Geikie, Hector Cameron, Joseph Thomson (explorer; rare), John Bennet Lawes (agricultural scientist, a pioneer of chemical fertilizer), George Husband Baird MacLeod (surgeon to Queen Victoria when in Scotland), William Macewen (pioneer in modern brain surgery), Allen Young, Joseph Whitworth, Andrew Douglas Maclagan (toxicologist), James Risdon Bennett, George Buchanan, Howard Craufurd Elphinstone (Victoria Cross winner for his actions at the Siege of Sebastopol in 1855 during the Crimean War), James Edward Alexander (driving force behind the placement of Cleopatra's Needle on the Thames Embankment), George Henry Richards, William Houston Stewart, Claude Buckle, General Mark Kerr, Charles Shadwell (Commander-in-Chief, China Station 1871-74), Thomas Montagu Steele, William Codrington, Edward Selby Smyth, John Dalrymple-Hay (commanded HMS Victory from 1854), Charles Beresford, Garnet Wolseley, Edward Bruce Hamley, Alexander Armstrong (naval surgeon & explorer), George Willis, Lintorn Simmons, Walter Besant, Friedrich Max Muller, William T. Stead (died in the sinking of the RMS Titanic), Thomas Hughes, Jerome K. Jerome, John Everett Millais, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, David Murray, Frank Dicksee, John MacWhirter, James Hedderwick, Samuel Ferguson, Grant Allen, Charles Reade, Algernon Borthwick, Herbert Oakeley, Douglas Sladen, William Black, William Howard Russell, Richard Claverhouse Jebb, John Strang, George Alexander Macfarren, Samuel Smiles, Andrew Lang, Samuel Neil, Colin Hunter, James Gowans, Gerard Baldwin Brown, Thomas Mayne Reid, R. M. Ballantyne, Charles Rogers, Edward Russell, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, Arthur James Balfour, Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Herbert Gladstone, Charles Dilke, John Bright, Joseph Chamberlain, George Curzon, Earl of Shaftesbury, Robert Cochran-Patrick, William Jacks, James Caird, Rutherford Alcock (the first British diplomatic representative to live in Japan), Edward Colebrooke, Francis Sandford, Frank Lockwood, Arthur Hayter, George Trevelyan, Alexander Asher, Madge Kendal, J. L. Toole, Charles Wyndham, Richard D'Oyly Carte, Justin McCarthy, G. A. Henty, Alexander Mackenzie, Francis Galton, Thomas Henry Huxley, Henry Thompson, Joseph Dalton Hooker and many, many others. The majority of the pieces bear small numbers in an unidentified hand to the corners. A few of the signatures are slightly faded and with some other minor faults, generally G, 469