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Feb 28, 2021
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LOT 813:

Maximilian Voloshin. Collected works in 12 volumes. Vol. 1 - 9.

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Maximilian Voloshin. Collected works in 12 volumes. Vol. 1 - 9.
M. Ellis Lak. 2003 - 2015 Hard cover . Jackets. Standard format. Excellent condition, new books.
This edition is the first complete, scientifically commented collection of works by Maximilian Voloshin (1877-1932) — poet, literary and artistic critic, translator, humanist thinker, artist. The collection prepared by the leading voloshinovskii V. P. Kupchenko and A. V. Lavrov and published under the auspices of the Institute of Russian literature (Pushkin House), Russian Academy of Sciences.
Contents: Volume 1. Poems and poems. 1899-1926: KN. 1. Years of wandering. kN. 2. Selva Oscura. kN. 3. burning Bush. Volume 2. Poems and poems. 1891-1931: KN. 4. Cain's Ways. Works of 1925-29. Poems of 1891-1931, not included in the author's books. Comic poems. Uncompleted. Sketches. The inscriptions on the watercolors. Volume 3. Faces of creativity. kN. 1. About Repin. Surikov. Volume 4. Translations. Volume 5. Faces of creativity. kN. 2. Art and temptation. kN. 3. Theater and dreaming. Prose. 1900-1906: Essays, articles, reviews. Volume 6 (1). Prose 1906-1916: Essays, articles, reviews. Volume 6 (2). Prose. 1900-1927: Essays, articles, lectures, reviews, sketches, plans. Volume 7 (1). Journal of travel (26 may 1906 — ?). Diary 1901-1903. The story of my soul. Volume 7 (2). Diaries 1891-1932. Autobiographies. Questionnaires. Memory lane. Volume 8. Letters 1893-1902. Volume 9. Letters, 1903-1912.